Restaurants in SAPA

After long hours of trekking and contemplating the breathtaking views inSapa, the first thing you worry about could be a place to grab lunch or dinner. Indeed, restaurants with beautiful views, mouthwatering foods, plenty of Western and Asian choices are easy to find. Yet, apart from cuisines from your country, it is advisable to try traditional foods of the mountain area in the local way at restaurants on stilts. The experience could be much more than being just outstanding. It could be hard to find a restaurant exclusively for vegans, but some mountain cuisine such as bamboo rice, bamboo sprouts and dishes made of wild vegetables could satisfy demanding vegans.


Baguette & Chocolate Café   

The restaurant is conveniently in close proximity to Sapa Church and Sapa Central Market. It is a four-room restaurant and if you are a cake- lover, then Baguette & Chocolate Café is the best bakery in Sapa to be able to meet all your demands.
D Thac Bac

Little Sapa restaurant

Little Sa Pa Restaurant

The restaurant is a hidden gem in the middle of Cau May street- the tourist area of Sa Pa.
18 Cau may str.

Viet Discovery Restaurant

Vietdiscovery Restaurant

Vietdiscovery Restaurant combines the traditional style of Vietnam and modern architecture in its entire property. The restaurants serves various kinds of Vietnamese dishes, as well as Sapa food, including: Sapa chicken, beef, duck, goose, pork and rabbit, and several Western specialities, sucha as Hamburger, Spaghetti, Hotpot.
15 Thanh Son road

RedDao House Restaurant

Reddao House Restaurant

With modern heating system and delicate Vietnamese style, the restaurant will make you feel very pleasant regardless the outside cold weather. Reddao House Restaurant is the place where the locals and travelers come to meet and talk with each other.
04B Thac Bac