Hotels in SAPA in all ranges

A beautiful and romantic resort town, with a lovely location high on a valley side within sight of Vietnam’s highest mountain, Fan Si Pan. Among the woodlands are French style elegant mansions and villas with steep pitched roofs, shutters and temperate gardens perched around the hillside. Sapa was a retreat for the French elite during the colonial era and the town has a European alpine ambiance.


U Sapa Hotel Sapa (****)

U Sapa Hotel, Sapa



Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa (****)

Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa, Sapa







Sapa Dragon Hotel  (***)

Sapa Dragon Hotel, Sapa



Botanic Sapa (***)

Botanic Sapa, Sapa



Sapa Legend Hotel & Spa (***)

Sapa Legend Hotel & Spa, Sapa



Sapa Paradise View Hotel (***)

Sapa Paradise View Hotel, Sapa



Eco Palms House (***)

Eco Palms House, Sapa



Topas Ecolodge (***)

Topas Ecolodge, Sapa



Sapa Elegance Hotel (***)

Sapa Elegance Hotel, Sapa



Chapa Dew Boutique Hotel (***)

Chapa Dew Boutique Hotel, Sapa



Sapa Lake View Hotel (***)

Sapa Lake View Hotel, Sapa



Sapa Elite Hotel (***)

Sapa Elite Hotel, Sapa



Sapa Lodge Hotel (***)

Sapa Lodge Hotel, Sapa, Deluxe Room, Guestroom



Legend Hotel Sapa (***)

Legend Hotel Sapa, Sapa



Chau Long Sapa 2 Hotel (***)

Chau Long Sapa 2 Hotel, Sapa, Family Room, Guestroom



Sapa House Hotel (***)

Sapa House Hotel, Sapa



Sapa Panorama Hotel (***)

Sapa Panorama Hotel, Sapa, Lobby Sitting Area



Bamboo Sapa Hotel (***)

Bamboo Sapa Hotel, Sapa



Sapa Eden View Hotel (***)

Sapa Eden View Hotel, Sapa



Sapa Stunning View Hotel (***)

Sapa Stunning View Hotel, Sapa



Sapa View Hotel (***)

Sapa View Hotel, Sapa



Chau Long Sapa 1 Hotel (***)

Chau Long Sapa 1 Hotel, Sapa, Superior Room, Guestroom