All best experiences to explore PHU QUOC island this summer

Located in Southwest off Vietnam, Phu Quoc island is named as its wealthy natural scenes and great beaches for those who love swimming. We list out all the best things you should do once to travel this wonder land.

  1. Enjoy sunset on Dinh Cau Temple


2. Check-in Tranh waterfall

3. Stir youself on Sao beach

4. Untouched Khem beach

5. Feel the tranquility of Uncle Lang Beach 

6. Pray at Ho Quoc Buddhist Temple

7. Buying souvenirs at Dinh Cau night market

8. Check-in Rory Beach Bar

9. Enjoy sunrise at Ham Ninh fishing village

10. Check-in the longest bridge

11. Check-in Mong Tay island

12. Enjoy sunset at Rock Sunset Island Bar

13.Mud bath at Galina resort

14.Relax at all the best resorts

15. Sipping coffee and be lazy by the beachside

16.Enjoy Western food around bar and resorts

17.Make a homestay with locals

18. Shopping at Duong Dong market

19. Learn all kinds of local pepper cones 
20. Drink Sim vine
21. Enjoy sea brab of Ham Ninh
22. Visit Coi Nguon Museum
23. Visit Cay Dua prison (Phu Quoc Prison)
24.  Learn the process of sea pearl
25. Visit national hero Nguyen Trung Truc Temple
26. Learn the process of fish sauce making
27. Visit the first Vinpearl Safari in Vietnam
28. Check-in South cap (Ong Doi cape)
29. Learn the history of Tien water Well
30. Check-in Duong Dong lake
31. Swim at Tien waterfall
32. Eating chicken soup at Da Ban waterfall 
33. Explore Ganh Dau cape
34. Scuba diving at An Thoi island
35. Squid catching at night
36. Check-in Mot island
37. Eating seafood at Rach Vem fishing village
38.Explore Rach Tram river
39. Camping at May Rut island
40. Overnight at Hon Dam Island Hideaway (homestay)
41. Have a try Quay noodle soup (meaning you make and cook by yourself)
42. find Da Ngon waterfall
43. Riding motorbike though the jungle 
44. Check-in North cape
45. Climbing mountains
There are 99 mountains to challenge you if you dare…